Sunday, April 8, 2007


Movie Review #1,

Equilibrium, starring Christian Bale, Taye Diggs, Emily Watson and Sean Bean.

This was a movie I added to my queue based on a recommendation from Eugenious. Now he has also recommended the Devil Wears Prada so I have a little doubt in his movie choices. However, I greatly enjoyed this movie. It takes place in the future, where society is run by the mysterious Father, who has declared that human emotion is what causes war and violence. In order to stop war from happening, everyone takes daily dosages of a drug designed to render you emotionless. Christian Bale plays a Cleric, a kind of ultra police officer whose job it is to search out "sense offenders"; those people who have stopped taking their drugs and are hiding secret caches of illegal items: art, music, anything that you make you feel.

Maybe you can guess what is going to happen, and I must admit that I did figure out the movie rather quickly as the plot is not all that original, however the acting is top-notch, the sets seem to me to be quite the realistic vision of the future and there is a fight scene towards the end that satisfied all my gore needs. The movie is extremely well assembled, the action scenes great and most importantly of all, the movie passed my watch test: I did not look at the time once while I was watching the movie.

In spite of the obvious Matrix, 1984, and Metropolis influences, this is an underrated little movie that I feel you will find quite enjoyable. I give it 2 baby bottoms up!

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