Friday, April 20, 2007

A Scanner Darkly

We get the comic relief from Robert Downey JR and Woody Harrelson. We're taken for a ride by Wynona Ryder. All of this while focusing on the main character, Bob Arctor (Keanu Reeves) who is an undercover officer put in place to take down a government cover-up of the sale and distribution of substance "D". An addictive drug derived from a rather delicate flower. Bob must use substance "D" to keep up the undercover facade but is soon unable to distinguish reality from unreality.
The film is rotoscoped, (computer painted live action movie) to appear and play as a comic book in live action. This lightens the weighted subject of drug use and it's destructive effect on the addicted. It also allows Bob Sabiston's artistic interpretation of "Scanner's" reality a great deal of creative liberty.
Knowing more about the author who wrote "A Scanner Darkly" published in 1977, Phillip K. Dick, will help when watching this movie. During the end credits there are dedications to some who have fallen to the use of drugs.
So, while the movie is heavy via subject of drug use and power abuse it's message is delivered with humor and cautious awareness.

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