Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Are you watching?

I've not posted in so long that it's hard to tell if I'm even watching flix anymore. Speaking of "flix", Netflix is fantastic. There are many Showtime shows I would have seen but I must Netflix them. 'Bullshit with Penn & Tell' is one of them. Covering evrything from bottled water to phsycics they do tend to come to the one place we all get to: "Shut the Fuck Up!"
And yet I blog.
i have watched a rash of Mars movies from the 90's lately. I can't wait till the monsters of mars are awakened in New genesis, learn the escape velocity of Mars and come fumbling around on earth making movies of Earth. But alas they have not yet so I must put up with Val Kilmer blowing up Sensei Robots and Cheedle growing a beard he couldn't cut til help arrives then viola, a well shaven nuevo botanist remains pointless in charictor.
The movies have not been great and I would hope Pam Greer would admit that but maybe someday martians will show us the way to make a movie about planets that doesn't suck.

-Bitter Biffditty

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