Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Sentinel 1977

The sleeve this came in from Netflix said this was Universal's answer to The Exorcist. Right! They wish. This movie is about a model who hasn't lived on her own and wishes to get her own apartment. The apartment she finds has very strange neighbors; lesbian dancers downstairs, a former magician upstairs, two sisters in another unit, and on the top floor a blind priest who sits in front of the window 24/7. The building is owned by the New York Diocese and may or may not be haunted or it could be that the model may or may not be crazy. Built into the plot is the model's attorney boyfriend with a dead ex-wife who may or may not have committed suicide and the NYPD detective out to prove that the ex-wife was murdered.

Let's move on to the all-star cast. Christina Raines as Allison the model and Chris Sarandon as her boyfriend. Deborah Raffin as Allison's best friend, Jeff Goldblum as a photographer, Jerry Orbach as a client. Ava Gardner as the real estate agent and Tom Berenger as a tenant. Eli Wallach as the detective and Christopher Walken as his partner. Syliva Miles and Beverly D'Angelo as the lesbian dancers and Burgess Meredith as the former magician. Jose Ferrer, Arthur Kennedy, and John Carradine as various priests. This cast was absolutely incredible to watch and they definitely made the movie. My favorite is Burgess Meredith who walks around with his pet parakeet on his shoulder and his pet cat in his arms.

I didn't find this movie scary at all, but I did enjoy it and frankly if I lived in that apartment I would put up with a lot more than Allison did, that apartment was to die for! But then again, I wouldn't have moved out of the boyfriends apartment as it was equally fabulous. Anyhow, I'm giving this movie a baby bottom up because it was entertaining all the way through, the actors did good jobs, especially Burgess Meredith, and the 70's New York locations were another co-star in themselves.

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