Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Preview of Coming Attractions and Today's Feature

I dreamed up a marvelous (at least in my mind) sentence the other night when I couldn't sleep:

It started out as a really sweet movie but then turned into a perversion story because the frightened woman had the devil's nightmare and woke up screaming "danger diabolik"!

All of those films are on the top of my to-post list which I will get to just as soon as I can peel my butt away from the tv. I really must get a laptop.

Today's film was Trilogy of Terror, seen it before but wanted to watch again to see if it retained any of the scariness I remember from childhood. (My mom made me watch it with her when I was little because she was scared to watch it alone). So far the scare factor hasn't held up, but ask me again in the middle of the night when I'm hearing little zuni warrior footsteps.

brief interruption: Holy Crikey you can buy one!!!
image courtesy of MWC Toys

There were some featurettes on the dvd, one with Karen Black and one with Richard Matheson. Karen Black had an interesting thing to say about horror vs. science fiction. She said that horror always involves a body being cut up in some way and lots of blood and gore whereas while science fiction might have some blood, it is distinctly different from horror. She said that she has always done science fiction and not horror and she does not appreciate it when horror and science fiction are lumped together. She thinks it is not very literate of people to do so.

Richard Matheson also appears to have a disdain of horror which he says lately is the same story over and over. Teenagers drink, have sex, do something awful and one by one are hacked to pieces. Matheson says that he is not a writer of horror but a writer of terror; that you can be much scarier if you never show the monster. I'm quite fond of the monster myself, but I can see his point.

Back to the movie, it has become a bit of a cult classic so for that reason I can recommend it. But please bear in mind that it is a tv movie so will have pauses where the commercials went and is somewhat tame compared to a theatrical release. But it is well-directed and acted so go for it.

I am headed back to the tv now to watch the second half of today's double feature, George C. Scott starring in The Changeling.

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