Sunday, April 26, 2009

Les Diaboliques

I had seen this on Bravo's 100 Scariest Movie Moments, I didn't think it was scary but it was suspenseful. This is the story of two women, Christina and Nicole and the man they share who happens to be Christina's husband. The husband, Michel, runs a boys school which Christina happens to own. Nicole is one of the teachers and Michel's mistress. Instead of hating each other, the two women are friends, finding sympathy with each other because Michel is an ass to both of them. Christina and Nicole take a school holiday to visit Nicole's hometown. While there, they lure Michel to come see Christina and then they drown him in the tub. They drive his body back to the school and dump it in the pool with the idea that it will look like he fell in. But when the pool is eventually drained, there is no body. The rest of the film is Christina and Nicole trying to figure out what happened to the body and wondering if Michel's ghost is haunting them.

Prior to this, my only knowledge of Simone Signoret was what I had read of Marilyn Monroe having an affair with her husband, Yves Montand, and not understanding why Yves wouldn't leave Simone for her. Well, Simone Signoret is generally acknowledged as one of the best actors in French Cinema having won an Academy Award, a BAFTA, an Emmy, a Golden Globe, recognition at Cannes and a Silver Bear. I'll need to see more films with her in them, but what came across in this one is that she definitely has charisma.

I'm recommending this as one to watch. Although I do want to say boo to Criterion for not having any extras on the disc.

Simone and Laurence Harvey in Room at the Top for which she won the Academy Award

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