Sunday, April 19, 2009

List to Self - Giallos to Watch

Going through a Giallo faze, got the list from Wikipedia, all the links go back to there. I love lists. Now Giallo itself means yellow in Italian, the genre got its name from pulp paperbacks full of lurid tales of murder, sex, and violence; the covers were usually yellow, several of those books were turned into films and a genre was born. Some think that Giallo can mean any Italian thriller and some require more structure before terming something Giallo, the killer wears black gloves and has or had some kind of psychological problems, there should be lots of gore, beautiful women and nudity. Fantastic cinematography and great music are also required. Perversion Story is an excellent example of is it or isn't it Giallo as it can swing both ways. The back of the dvd box says its a Giallo, but there is no gore and no killer wearing black gloves; however it does fulfill the requirements for murder, sex, beautiful women, and nudity.

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