Monday, April 13, 2009

Taste the Blood of Dracula

I'm not going to describe this one, the trailer says it all. (can you tell I've learned how to embed youtube clips?) All the standard Hammer items are here, nubile young women, earnest lovesick heroes, strawberry sauce for blood, awesome music, but there is one thing missing and that's Dracula himself. It seems that Christopher Lee was feuding with Hammer over salary when this was written so it was written as a showpiece for the Lord Courtley character (he who tastes the blood) but Warners wouldn't release a Dracula movie without Christopher Lee so Dracula was written in. He gets very little screen time but what's there is effective. The script being so Dracula-light had to be more inventive and I think because of that its a slightly better script than usual, its also well-acted, and well-shot. I also liked the tie-in with Dracula Has Risen from the Grave which is my favorite of the Hammer Dracula films.

Should you watch it? Of course because #1 its a Dracula movie and they should all be watched, and #2 because its a Hammer and they should all be watched.

I really liked Linda Hayden, I did a google search and discovered she is in something called Blood on Satan's Claw which sounds marvelously promising, unfortunately stupid Netflix doesn't have it.

While we're here I wanted to mention that this gentlemen is doing his PHD project on Exclusive films who was the distribution arm for Hammer. And for more Hammer delight, please check out Hammer and Beyond via the sidebar.

Oh and lastly, did you notice in the trailer that the announcer says "clammy excitement"? WTF is that and why does he make it sound like a good thing?


Holger Haase said...

Sweeettt.... Always nice to see Hammer get some love.

BiffDitty said...

"clammy"? excitement? Your hands will get sweaty as you watch the film, then? I saw a bit of this and clammy I did not get. Overheated, sure, but clammy? Nope.
What a strange thing to say.