Friday, May 22, 2009

What started me going or wait a minute there's no giant in this movie

I would like to point you in the direction of Out of the Past for a post about my favorite movie, Giant. When people ask you something like what was the most influential moment of your life or ask me how I came about my love of the movies I would say that my Grandma Francie did it with the giant. I remember being very little and being over at my Grandma's house, excited and a little scared because Grandma and I were going to watch a movie with a giant in it. I couldn't wait to see what the giant looked like, but it never showed up. Instead what I saw was a dirty man covered in black gook, a tea party, a birthday party, and a boy on a pony. The man covered in black gook made quite the impression on me because after becoming a teenager, instead of the typical rock star posters on my bedroom walls, I had walls covered with James Dean posters. Twenty-five years later I still have every one of those posters. I know that I must have seen other movies before seeing Giant, but this is the first movie I can remember seeing; I give it full credit for influencing my love of old movies. Also, thanks to Giant, I have read almost every single book by Edna Ferber and own most of them as well. I know all the words to Yellow Rose of Texas. Oh and ahem, my cat is named Ferber. So as you can guess, I was pretty excited to discover Out of the Past today and now Giant is influencing me once again as I write this little post.

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