Monday, June 1, 2009

The Case of the Bloody Iris

I believe I mentioned previously that I was going to have a mini-Giallo fest. Well make it an intermittent-fest, I have no desire to go mini with it. I have my list, and my first one is The Case of the Bloody Iris, hence the title of this post.

I would like to interrupt myself with two coincidences. Firstly, I was on Flickr and did a search for Edwige Fenech, what I found was a ton of screen shots from the very movie I had just watched, they outnumbered all other Fenech screen shots immensely. All were posted by Will Kane. Secondly, being curious I went to Will Kane's blog and the most recent post (that day) was about Yuki 7 which just happens to be my latest obsession. More on Yuki 7 can be found at Kevin Dart's fabulous blog. I want to be Yuki!

Back to the film... (all images are courtesy of Will Kane's Flickr set)

The Case of the Bloody Iris is a giallo most fine, I think. It featured all of our giallo requirements, although the gloves were yellowish-brown and not black. And we have the lovely, often topless Edwige Fenech as our heroine and her frequent costar George Hilton. The story starts with the murder of a hooker in the elevator of a very nicely architectured apartment house. A lovely stripper/ building resident named Mizar finds the body and soon finds herself murdered and the plot thickens. Edwige and her friend Marilyn move into Mizar's vacant apartment courtesy of George Hilton who just happens to own the building. We have a plethora of suspects, George, the old lady next door to Edwige, the lesbian and/or her father on the other side of Edwige, and even Edwige's estranged husband Adam. (Adam was an excuse for some kaleidoscopic group sex).

There are some fabulolus 70's fashions, an excellent score, red herrings o'plenty (I did not figure out who it was), and some very good shots involving mirrors. The funny bits were funny and the gory bits were brightly colored. There was also one very shocking stabbing that took place on a crowded sidewalk; the apathy of the passersby is quite disturbing as no one seems to notice the victim lurching down the sidewalk with blood coming out of her. This film made an excellent start to the Giallo-fest, I can wholeheartedly recommend it.

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