Saturday, June 20, 2009

Do You Netflix or Do You Buy?

I used to hate buying dvd's because you spend the money and you watch the movie maybe once or twice, it's a rip-off. Blockbuster annoyed me because they never had anything good. Netflix was my savior, I can get old movies, new movies, watch them whenever I want. I watch sooo many more movies without buying them and having them sit gathering dust. But now, I have a tiny voice inside my head and it says oooh that one was good we should buy it. Oh and that one was good too, let's buy it as well. And I can feel it coming, pretty soon I'm going to start buying more and more of them. I bought two already, I want more. I want a bookcase filled with them so I can watch them any time I want without having to wait for Netflix. Because now Netflix with it's two-day turnaround has become too slow for me. And tonight is even worse because I got out of sync with my Netflix schedule and don't have a movie for tonight. And 10pm on Saturdays is when I like to watch them all by myself, in the dark. I HAVE NO GIALLO TO WATCH TONIGHT AND ITS DRIVING ME NUTS!

So, how about you? Do you Netflix or do you prefer to buy? (I'm pretending I have an audience here)

Newly discovered blog recommendation: Doomed Moviethon

Here's a preview for what will be arriving on Monday:

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