Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Today in Movie History

Instead of getting ready for work I thought I'd google and see what happened today in movie history. The first thing I discovered is that it is the 15th anniversary of Peter Cushing's death. That's sad, I'm quite fond of him. Being a Hammer fan, He was in a lot of my favorite films.

I re-googled to find some happier news and discovered that on this day way back in 1963, Matango opened. Last summer when we took Professor Fred's film class which, was a survey of incredibly B movies, we watched Matango but it was called Attack of the Mushroom People for American audiences. I should have reviewed it for Greg's ode to Ed Wood. Matango is laughably horrible but entertaining and is the movie I remember most from the film class.

The movie is from Toho Studios, home of Godzilla, Mothra, et al. A small yacht carrying 5 people is blown off course to an island where the only food they can find is roots and turtle eggs until the mushrooms are discovered. They take shelter in a much larger shipwreck on the island and set about trying to stay alive and repair their boat so they can leave the island. You can pretty much guess what happens once the mushrooms are eaten.


Arbogast said...

Matango made me a man.

Ron said...

There's an app for that... "Today in Movie History"