Friday, September 11, 2009

Tonight on Professor Fred's Movie Marvels

1959 AIP gem, produced by Roger Corman's brother Gene and written by Leo Gordon who also wrote Wasp Woman and The Terror both for Roger Corman. This is a B-movie at its discombobulated best as Prof. Fred would say. Human-sized leeches are living in an underwater cave in the Everglades, the leeches are capturing the townsfolk, holding them captive in their cave and draining their blood. A game warden, his girlfriend and her father investigate the disappearances. The leeches are of course men in silly rubber suits that look nothing like leeches, but it is pretty gross when they are bloodsucking their victims.

This one has reverted to Public Domain and is available for download at the Internet Archive for those of you who aren't in Seattle and therefore can't watch Professor Fred.

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