Sunday, October 10, 2010

#4 Shiver

Umm, I have some quibbles with this one. A lot of the plot seemed forced, as if the writer couldn't figure out to connect his story together. The idea is that Santi, a teen who is allergic to sunlight, moves to a small mountain village with his mom; the village is chosen because its in a valley and doesn't get much sunlight. This is where my first quibble occurred, if the mom truly can work from anywhere (she translates books) then why didn't they move to Lapland like the boy wanted? If you're moving to protect your son's health, move to where there is as little sun as possible. People start being killed in the village woods coinciding with the arrival of the boy and his mom and because of his sun allergy, he is the prime suspect. Seriously!! The killings only started happening when Santi shows up on the scene? Okay at first, but as we find out more about the actual monster in the woods it doesn't make sense. The monster has been out there for a year and has been supposedly hunted, I assume because of all the traps in the woods. Why kill now? Sigh...more questions ensue the further we get into this one, I did jump a couple times but then again I'm capable of scaring myself with my own thoughts. Did I like anything? Yes, I thought Santi was well-acted and the village looks like a nice place to drive through on your way to somewhere else. I mean this movie was okay, I've definitely seen worse, but some bad movies are enjoyable because they are bad and some are just bad. This one is just bad, I blame lazy writing. My baby bottom is down on this one.

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