Sunday, October 10, 2010

Late list of 31 scaries and Mary Poppins

I started in October, but ran out of time, I just can't seem to find enough time between work and school. So instead of giving up, this year I'm just going to keep going and not stop until I hit 31, I don't care if it takes me until next Halloween. No rules other than it has to be something I haven't already seen. Shall update the list as I progress.

1. Brides of Dracula
2. The Baby's Room
3. It's Alive
4. Tales of Terror
5. Shiver
6. A Tale of Two Sisters
7. Pandorum
8. The Crazies (Romero)
9. Session 9
10. Burnt Offerings
11. Audrey Rose
12. The Burrowers
13. The Other
14. Countess Dracula
15. Shock

bonus: His Name is Jason

Now, here is a movie that looks pretty damn scary:

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