Monday, October 4, 2010

October #2.5 on the 4th

Gonna try and do 31 scary movies again. Failed miserably last year and already behind on this year. 2.5 so far, will be 3 once I finish It's Alive. Kinda like writing in short sentences. Anyhow, The Baby's Room is a Spanish supernatural flick, mommy and daddy hear noises on the baby monitor. They fight, Daddy breaks the monitor so he goes and buys a video baby monitor. Of curse he starts seeing things on the monitor that the mommy doesn't. And that's it in a nutshell. I jumped a couple times, but wasn't ever scared, the movie was unsettling more than frightening. I recommend it because I wasn't bored but it's not something I would recommend to someone who wants to see scary. But you don't like scary, you like quantum physics and believe it or not there are quantum physics in this movie. Is it funny or strange that I'm writing a review to you when you're sitting four feet away from me?

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